Essential Bundles

Volkswagen/Škoda Essential Bundles

Essential Bundle Discounts

Upkeep your Volkswagen/Škoda with these Essential Bundles curated to lower the cost of your car ownership.

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*This service is only available for Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles

Essential Bundle A

Unclouded View For A Smooth Drive

  • Aero Wipers - 25% off
  • Tyre rotation (U.P. $32) - $25

Essential Bundle B

Assurance In Brake Performance

  • Brake Pads and Brake Discs - 25% off
  • Tyre rotation (U.P. $32) - $25

Essential Bundle C

The Right Amount Of Energy

  • Starting price at $243 for Genuine Battery
  • 2-year warranty plan - 40% discount • Battery coding

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